Gas water heater not as hot suddenly

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Gas water heater not as hot suddenly

I have an 8 years old State Select 40 gal water heater. The thermostat is set to max. The burner seems to work because I can see the flames and there is no leak that I can detect.

It was making loud popping (knocking) noises as the water is being heated. I searched the forum and it seems to be caused by sediments. I was going to live with this until it leakes or stopped working.

So for the hot water was working fine (with the loud knocking noise) until three days ago. All of the sudden, the hot water coming out was lukewarm. Before I would leave the shower lever at the middle setting and it is hot enough. On that day, I had to leave it very close the the max hot position, but then the hot water became lukewarm after 5 minutes.

I also noted that the hot water to the kitchen faucets is not as hot either.

Now, the knocking sound is not as loud as before.

I am guessing that the problem is with the water heater.

Any suggestions. Is it time to replace the water heater? Is this repairable?

Thanks in advace for your help.

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Sounds like the dip tube broke or cracked. If that happens it keeps the cold water from going directly to the bottom of the waterheater. Instead cold water enters the tank and mixes with hot water in the top portion of the tank, hence the 5 minute shower.

You could repair it and install a new dip tube. And possibly flush it, but IMO 8 yrs and the sediment banging you describe I feel the heater has paid for itself and time to replace.

I would suggest after replacement start a schedule of flushing the heater twice a year. Spring and fall. Sounds like you may have a lot of sediment in your water, or never flushed it.

Mike NJ

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