Low Hot Water Pressure

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Low Hot Water Pressure

Hi all,

I'm pasting in a reply I typed to an exisitng thread, but the website came back and said 'ya know, this post is old, you sure you want to reply to it? wink wink'

Here's what I typed before, and then I'll add more from what I learned in the FAQ/READ ME FIRST:

"Hi. Bumping an old thread because I have the exact same problem. My hot water into the shower, which is pretty much right on the other side of the wall, has become abysmal. same in the bathroom sinks. And it seems to have happened fairly quickly. I just replaced the shower head in there thinking it was the old one that was clogged and preventing flow. With the head completely off, the pressure of the cold water is good but the hot was only about a third of it. I also noticed a couple months ago that my dishwasher was really loosing efficiency, so since it uses hot water, maybe it wasn't getting enough pressure? I haven't gone out to look at it yet, I'm getting some research done at work before I try and tackle it. The only plumbing experience I have was replacing one of the bathroom faucets a while back when I got home from vacation and found that one of the hoses under the sink had been leaking. but ,I managed to get through that ok.

The heater in the house is from 1993 so it's long due to be replaced, so I'm thinking maybe I should go that route. I've looked at heaters online, found one that looks liike it will do the job at the local Lowes for $300. I don't want to spend too much here. How much does a water heater (40 gallon) weigh when empty? I just want to be sure I'll be able to lift the thing as I'll probably be doing this by myself.

But, what are my first steps here? when I get home, what should I go look at on the heater? While it is old, I want to kjnow if there's another issue somewhere that will still limit the presure if I get a new unit."

after reading the FAQ, it is doing what is called 'percolating.' could that be blocking it, or is that only an issue where it's heating the water? Sounds like I should first try and flush it regardless of whether I plan to replace it? And no, I had no idea I should do that yearly.... i have no idea when it may have been flushed in the past. I moved in in 2000.

Thanks for any input and suggestions on first steps!
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20 years is a long time for a water heater although my mother had one for 40 years. When I asked her how long she had it, she said I don't know, your brother was a little boy.

I think you should replace it but you'll probably need a 50 gallon tank to replace the 40. They don't make them like they used to. You can do the job yourself.

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