Managed to kill Mom's WH

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Managed to kill Mom's WH

Well, not exactly. Was up there last weekend on routine visit and while there I replaced the T&P valve on her WH (it had a very slight seepage going on for a couple of months). Next day (after having driven the 90 miles back home) she called to report a puddle under the WH. Drove BACK up to troubleshoot and low and behold it was not my work (of course not!), but an obviously failing tank. Closed the shutoff valve and ordered a new WH. So now going back up later today to install replacement.

Weird coincidence that my changing the T&P valve caused the tank to let go. Guess the slight amount of movement of the unit while I was working must have knocked loose the rust holding the tank together. BTW, unit died at roughly 15 year mark and paperwork we found said it was a 6 year warrantied unit. Wish everything I bought lived to 2 1/2 times the warranty period.
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Being a repair guy I'm sure you have experienced this many times in other places. I have been repairing "something" for almost 50 years and once you touch it, look out. And then, try explaining the new failure to the customer, or your mom.

At least it was mom and she did need a new WH.

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BTW, unit died at roughly 15 year mark and paperwork we found said it was a 6 year warrantied unit.
No matter how you explain it, she'll always associate her water heater failing after you messed with it! :bad poster: I know, been there, done that. But it's ok, she'll forgive you because no matter how old you are, you'll always be her bouncing baby boy! :HF2:
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Other than building a cabinet around it and removing the old capped off piping to a softener...I haven't touched my gas WH. Here's the's original to the house built in 1990! 24 yrs old. Simply amazing. AO Smith IIRC. Built in my hometown most likely. At least they used to have a plant there. The guy who farmed our land (and bought it after my parents passed) worked there as his day job.

Of will prob fail w/in the next week.

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