Richmond power vent water heater leaking

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Richmond power vent water heater leaking

My Richmond 40 gal gas power vent water heater is leaking from hot and cold inlets and the anode tube.I think I just made a mistake I removed the plastic circular pieces that are at the bottom of each cold inlet and hot outlet tubes.It was leaking right below the white Teflon tape and I wanted to see exactly where it was leaking.I thought i had to remove the plastic pieces to tighten the short pipes and see if that would stop leaks.MY unit was built in October,2009 and installed by a plumber.I was trying to fix it.I have drained the tank of hot water.Did i destroy the water heater? It doesn't appear to be leaking elsewhere at all. Water was just dribbling down the side.Can i buy new inlet pipes? Please offer some advice
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If you are lucky, you could disassemble the connections, unscrew the nipple, and install a new nipple with new Teflon tape.

Removing the red and blue circular plastic pieces did not do any harm although depending on the way the heater was constructed, the tank could slide down within the outer jacket over a period of time possibly impairing the combustion at the burner.

It is possible that (particularly with a copper nipple) the screw threads in the tank are too rusty to install a new nipple. In this case the water heater needs to be replaced.

If the burner kicked on while the tank was nearly empty, the glass lining at the bottom of the tank will have been damaged and the tank life will be considerably shortened although probably not destroyed immediately. This is why you shut off the water heater heat before draining much water out of the tank and you refill it until a hot faucet upstairs gushes water before turning the heat back on.

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The plastic pieces are probably the flow baffles that keep hot water from rising out of the pipes when you are not using water. Removing them should have no affect on a leak but it might ever so slightly lower the efficiency.

Other than that... what AJ said. Sometimes it's easier to tighten if you get longer than needed nipples. The longer length provides more non-threaded area in the middle of the nipple to grab with a pipe wrench so you don't risk damaging the threads.

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