Water still brown after tank flush

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Water still brown after tank flush

I recently replaced my well pump and shocked the well with bleach. I ran an outside hose until the water was clear, then allowed the chlorinated water into my house plumbing to each hot and cold fixture and let it sit for 24 hours.

I then continued running the cold water outside until the chlorinated water cleared (tested with DPD tabs). I then cleared the residual chlorinated cold water from each fixture and tested - all good.

The hot water is another story. I got some pretty nasty water from the hot faucets and quickly ceased testing. I figured I'd stirred up some sediment in the tank so I followed the tank flushing procedure detailed in the sticky on this forum. After repeating three times, the hot water, both from the tank drain valve as well as from any of the faucets, is still discolored - sort of like weak tea, and it doesn't seem to be improving. What's going on here? I thought that perhaps the chlorine caused some precipitate in the tank, but why is it still there after several tank flushes?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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I know it's hard to consider but I'd try just using the water normally and stop flushing. I would not wash whites but stop doing the flushings and try using hot water as you normally would. Flushing does remove deposits but it also disturbs them. You might get it clear with a few more flushings or it could take 6 or 12. If the hot water was clear before replacing your pump it should (hopefully) clear after the disturbance of flushing has passed.
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Have you tried both the tank draining procedure and the tank flushing procedure?

1. Draining procedure.
Turn off the water heater heat.
Turn off the water heater cold feed.
Wait a few hours to let fine sediment settle out.
etc. as in the sticky.
Possibly draining the entire tankful if the water does not clear up.

2. Flushing procedure per sticky thread.

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