No floor drain.

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No floor drain.

My neighbor got a new gas HWH last year.I had mentioned that he might want to drain a few gallons out to remove sediment. He wants to do that, and asked me for help, but he has no floor drain in his basement. Would connecting a hose to the water heater outlet and running it into the laundry sink work? I've never done it that way,and would hate to cause a flood. (If a pump is needed, any suggestions?)
Thanks in advance.
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Is the heater on an elevated stand or otherwise mounted above the floor? If yes, then just using a bucket under the drain valve will work. Otherwise, the hose into the laundry tub is a good idea.
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I have to run a 50' hose through the house and outside and it still works. The only drawback is that you have to walk back and forth to check the discharge to see if it's clean or needs more flushing.
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Like Furd suggested, I use a bucket.
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The water will flow out fine, but pick up a $2 inline garden hose valve at your local hardware or big box to put between the heater and hose, so that you can shut it off when you're done draining, and keep whatever is in the hose from running back when you disconnect it. (I know, almost nothing is $2 any more, but shouldn't be much more than that.)
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he has no floor drain in his basement.
How could that house have ever passed a final inspection.....anywhere?
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There is no need for any kind of back flow valve, once the valve on the heaters shut off at the heater there's no way for the water to run back into the heater.
Why would there be a flood?
Worst case would be if the valve keeps dripping when it's shut off you just add A garden hose cap to it.
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Joe, Pedro is referring to a manual shut-off valve for the garden hose so that when he disconnects the hose (or valve) from the water heater drain valve the water in the hose won't flow out. Remember, the hose is elevated to go into the laundry tub.

Myself, I would simply kink the hose when disconnecting and then hold the coupler high as I walked over to the laundry tub. Couple the hose ends together and then drag it outside where you then uncouple and let it drain in the yard.

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