City permit necessary for water heater installation?

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City permit necessary for water heater installation?

I live in Michigan (Novi) and I just got my water heater replaced this weekend (1/28) by a master plumber I found on On the day of installation, not only did he show up an hour later than the agreed appointment time but he brought a unit different from what I specified and he agreed to use. He basically talked me into accepting it citing it's not fair if he had to take the unit back and come back to install the correct one as long as the wrong unit would fit and heat the water. Long story short, I reluctantly accepted which I now find to have very low rating (1.5 star review on Lowes).

In any case, I called the city today and they said the contractor needs to pull a permit for the installation job not later than within 48 hours of the work performed. I texted the plumber but his comment was "you never told me I had a pull a permit". I told him I'm not a plumbing professional and am not at all familiar with requirements/code. Since then no reply from him. My questions are 1). is it plumber's responsibility to manger permit issues as my city is within the service area covered in his advertisement, 2). what should I do if he doesn't respond? Should I simply try to pull a permit directly with the city?
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Pay him with a check?
Cancel it that will get his attention.
The hour late, poop happens, If nothing was in writing as to brand specified your on the hook.
If he's a "master plumber" he should have known he needed a permit.
Get a permit and have it inspected, if it fails different areas have different ways to get it taken care of, your local building dept. may be able to help you with that info.
In VA you can file a complaint with the board of contractors.
I just hate it when I see people getting taken advantage of like that and if there's no follow up nothing gets done.
I'd be posting a bad review on Yelp (never ever would have used them in the first place) filing a complaint with the BBB also so when someone does there research there not the next victim.
We had a builder in this area for many years was ripping customers off on every job he ever did, every roof leaked, siding fell off, and hundreds of other issues. No one followed up and filed a complaint until a deck he built collapsed.
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You may have brought some of this on yourself the way you found your plumber and then accepting equipment other than what you had told him you wanted. Regardless, if he really is a master plumber he should have known a permit was required. It's not your responsibility to inform him. The master plumbers I know don't buy from box stores, but buy from supply houses and they don't bully customers into accepting DIYer equipment when another brand has been specified. If he doesn't respond to you, you should give the city his contact information and he may be fined. There is a possibility that only licensed contractors can take out the appropriate permit which would mean that you cannot simply take out the permit yourself at this point. You also may be getting fined.
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What to do when plumber won't pull a permit for water heater installation?

I recenty had my water heater installed by a plumber I hired on thumbtack. I learned after the fact that the city I live in requires a permit for water heater replacement and was told the plumber would have to pull a permit for me. I contacted the plumber and he agreed to follow up with the city and take care of it but it's been over a week and no reply back from him despite a few reminders.

In the event he won't cooperate, can I simply explain the situation to the city and pull a permit on my own and schedule inspection?

Also, is there some penalty on the part of the plumber if he refused to pull a permit? Prior to installation he said he was a master plumber but I'm not so sure now. The job appears well done though but I still want to make sure it's done to the code.

Thanks for your help!
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It's been a week. Give him another few days.

If he is unable or unwilling to get the permit contact your building codes of your town. He may be looking for another plumber who is licenses in your town to get the permit is their name.

If he is not licenses they will follow up and fine him. But you may still need to call a licenses plumber to inspect or re-do the work. And yes you need to pay. Then you can take the 1st plumber to court.
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Two threads on same topic combined.

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