New water heater feels cool, pilot is on but no hot water ?

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Unhappy New water heater feels cool, pilot is on but no hot water ?

Everyone showered last night, woke to the second day of about 16 degree weather (F). No hot water at all. Turned on the faucets, only a trickle--checked pilot light, no problem. Water heater tank felt cool but didn't think that was a problem, thought a pipe had frozen. 8 hours later, water flow now normal but still not hot.

Why is our brand new water heater cool? Any chance warmer weather (45F) will fix everything? No money for this right now. Very broke.

There is a bit of water under the hot water supply (?) line which I assume means a leak--not obviously leaking or very wet so I assume it's intermittent. Noticed it over the weekend (water was hot, tank was warm), dried it up, noticed it again today and it doesn't seem worse. Patted it dry this morning and still dry. Obv have to handle that but would that affect the entire heater?

Also secondary question:
I put a insulation blanket on the heater over the weekend--no problems but there's some duct tape on the heater in spots. Don't think that's related to this problem but is that ok?

Thank you for any help you can give.
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Welcome to the forums!
Do you have water coming out of the hot side of the faucets?
You said the tank is new, how new? who installed it?
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Yes, now there's water coming out of the hot side of the faucets--earlier this morning the flow was a trickle, but we've been running them all day and now the flow is normal. Just cold (maybe lukewarm?). Cold water coming out of all faucets fine and has been (we let those trickle overnight).

A church member who used to work for the town's municipal utilities authority (I believe he had a senior position there too) for something like 20 years installed it a month ago and up til now no problems. Purchased it new from Lowe's.
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You've asked several questions about your water heater... but haven't told us anything about it. Is it gas or electric? Is it a traditional dumb heater or is it a high efficiency model with electronic controls?

Any leak is important, especially with a new install. Leaking water can get into thermostats, wiring or the burner/pilot assembly and cause problems.
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We need more info. Is it located in a basement? Or do you have a crawl space that pipes run under? If so are they insulated? Post some pics of the pipes going into the tank and your temp setting on the tank control. Are your pipes copper, steel or plastic? Is the tank gas or electric? Is the leak on the hot water pipe right at the place the pipe exits the tank? Does the water from leak feel warm or hot?
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It's a gas water heater as the pilot appears to be working.

A low flow of water out of the hot water faucets tells me that there may have been a frozen pipe. It may have been on the cold side into the tank. You should be able to heat the heater running. Like Dane mentioned.... we need info on the heater.

I'm 50-50 on the insulating blanket. They must be used carefully on a gas appliance. I would not normally recommend one on a gas water heater.
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Hi--yes, it runs propane and PJmax your assessment seems right, hot water is back this morning!

The leak seems to be right where the (copper?) pipe exits the tank. Felt a bit warm yesterday, will be investigating the temp again today.

Pipes do run in the crawlspace, but the heater itself is located in a sort of outdoor closet connected to the house.

I appreciate your comments, thank you for taking the time.
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