Replacing AO Smith water heater - I want a filter

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Replacing AO Smith water heater - I want a filter

Good morning.
Iím replacing an AO Smith 50 gallon gas hot water tank. In this area, there is iron in the water and Iíd like to add a water filter or softener.
Do you recommend doing this, and if so, can you recommend a water filter? There is a small area to work with where the boiler and hot water tank is located.

Thank you.
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Take a water test to determine the level of iron which will help you determine the solution needed. Generally, a water softener is used. If you have an iron problem to mitigate, the best solution would be to add a water softener for the entire house, not just hot water. Thus, the softener would be located where the water source enters the home.
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Have your counties health or environmental services dept. come out and sample your water. They will provide an unbiased report of your water. Once you know what's in your water then you can put together a plan to deal with it.

I have mildly hard water with some iron from my well. The iron is low enough that a traditional softener works well.
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In simplest form there are 2 types of iron, soluble ferrous iron which is completly disolved in your water (water is clear) or insoluble ferric iron which appears as orange water.

The combination of the two is your total iron.

Filters can remove the insoluble iron, water softeners can remove the soluble but has limitations on the amount that can be removed.

As noted a water test is a good place to start.

A really good filter is called "Big Blue" but ultimately you want to get something that has cheap re[placement filters, some of those filters are expensive!
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Wow, Iím so glad that I submitted this post!

We definitely have insoluble iron. I will find out about our countyís water testing and see where to go next. Frequently replacing expensive filters is not something that Iíd want to do, but I definitely want the iron out.

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Most municipal water systems bring various debris into home water system tanks. Water heater manufacture's recommend brief flush periodically, but few homeowners do resulting shorter tank life.

A simple low cost solution is “whole house” filter with clear body to see status. Omni fltler in link has built in shut off valve. To protect both, mount were water feeds water heater and boiler. Low cost, replacements elemens are widely available.

It does not remove many type of water issues, but at lease keeps stuff out of tanks and creating heating system items. For $32.99 every home should have one

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I recommend Frizzlife MK99 water filtration system. Very satisfied with this filter so far. I couldn't believe the difference and didn't really expect it, my water was free of strange smells and tastes, I saw it was written that can filter a lot of harmful substances in water and I chose it.

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