Water Softener - Culligan

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Water Softener - Culligan

I recently purchased a place that has a water softener installed. The unit was turned off when I took it over and the big tank - (salt tank?) was empty except for about 8 inches of muddy brown water and solid salt residue in the bottom.

I have cleaned out the tank and associated plumbing etc.

The old owners of the property did not leave any manuals for this unit.. so I am wondering about refilling the salt reservoir.

I have check Culligan's on-line and their manual is very vague on how much salt should be in the tank.. do I completely fill it? half fill it, and what amount of and what type of salt should I use.
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Is your house on a water system or a well?

Make sure the softener is in SERVICE mode and NOT in bypass. If the softener requires electric power make sure the clock is set correctly. If this softener has an electronic control valve the various settings may have been lost.

If you've got the brine (salt tank) and the brine pickup completely cleaned out here's what you do ...

If there's no water in the brine tank put about 3 gallons of water in the brine tank and put in enough salt to cover the water. Wait about two hours and do a manual regeneration. The last step in regeneration is for the control valve to put the correct amount of water (based on the softener settings) back in the brine tank. Add enough salt to cover the water.

Wait two hours with as little water use as possible and do another manual regeneration. After that you should be good to go.

Get a water test to make sure the softener is working properly and to see what else may be in the water that needs to be treated.

You'll also want to do a hardness test just before the softener regenerates to make sure the water is holding "soft" till regeneration. If the water turns hard before the next regeneration it may indicate depleted resin or lost or incorrect settings in the softener. Also, there's the possibility that the water conditions have changed.

Only put as much salt in as you need to cover the water and check the salt level weekly. By NOT filling the brine tank with salt you'll cut down on salt mushing and bridging.

For more info on softener salt go to ...
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Sorry for bringing up and old thread.
I too just moved into a home that already has this Culligan Gold series water softer system installed. But im clueless about how to maintain this thing. The manual isn't very helpful in my opinion.
When i checked the brine tank for how much salt was left, there appeared to be about 6 inches of grey watery chunky liquid at the bottom. I assumed adding salt was the obvious thing to do when the water level was so low. (and the digital display said about 10% soft water remaining.)
I added 2 bags of softener salt and left the system alone. Even after the 'soft water remaining' countdown went to 0, the system finally went back up to 99% soft water remaining. I assumed it had regenerated?
I lifted the lid of the salt container but nothing changed. All i see is a container almost half full of this salt that's bone dry! Shouldn't the system have filled the tank automatically? Do i have to keep adding water to the tank every time i add salt?
If so, how much water/salt do i add?

Im in a town home with city water and sewers.
This system is in SERVICE mode.
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I have been reading some of your old threads and am hoping you are still around and can help with a question. I have a culligan water softener. It uses a lot of water to regen and I was wondering if we could change the settings so it didn't regen so often. there are only two of us in a 2 bath house. another thing I am interested in is that I have a hard calcium like build up in our toilets. could it be calcium and if so does it indicate something needs to be changed on the water softener
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Culligan Gold. Need Programming Instructions.

I have a Culligan Gold that was pruchased new in 2007 Serial Number 010188XX . All the operator's manuals that I access on the Internet are for the older style Culligan Gold units. I do not have an owner's/operator's manual for this late model softener. My Gold unit has the newer control panel with three buttons: PROGRAM REGEN and INFORMATION . It is conditioning the water but I don't know how to set the programming of the unit.

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