Help with Culligan Silver system resin and more

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Help with Culligan Silver system resin and more

We have had a Culligan Silver system for about 5.5 years now.

My wife an I noticed over the past year that our water had gradually been getting harder and harder.

We lived in the "worst water conditions" in Florida (according to the news) up until about 6 months ago when they switched to an RO system. The hardness was over 12.

Do you think our Resin could be bad after just 5 years? We paid out our butts to get the best system thinking it would last a LONG time.

Now I don't know what to do.....

If we do need new resin, what type is in my system now and where can I buy it? Can I install it myself? The local Culligan shop is rude and incompetent. They also want to charge about $450 to install more resin.

Thanks for the help you can offer!

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Your water conditioner is warranted to the original end-user, when installed in accordance with Culligan specifications, against defects in material and workmanship from the date of original installation, as follows:

For a period of ONE YEAR The entire conditioner

For a period of FIVE YEARS The control valve timer The AccuSoft® circuit board, or Soft-Minder® meter, if so equipped

For a period of TEN YEARS The control valve body, > The salt storage container, brine valve and all its component parts

For the LIFETIME of the The Tripl-Hull ™ conditioner tank including all internal
original consumer purchaser components and the Cullex ® resin

You said the local company is "rude and incompetent". What was there response to warrantied products?

At 5.5 years, chances are your systems problems are not covered, including the resin replacement.

What do you mean: THEY switched to an RO system?

Your softener is designed to regenerate with hard water so resins have a tendency to not last as long. Is your system a timer, demand or an Aquasensor type?

I don't know what you paid for it, but at 12 grain of hardness, your resins should last 20 years or more. That is considered extremely hard according to the Water Quality Association, but we deal with water over 100 grains per gallon with high iron and systems here last for decades.

Water treatment is a fine balancing of equipment, water conditions, usage, and maintenance. If any of those are out-of-whack, your system may show aging and even failure in a relatively short time.

Not sure if this helped, but more info could be usefull.

Andy Christensen CWS

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