Chloramine filter Suggestions?

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Chloramine filter Suggestions?

I'm looking into installing a chloramine filter along with a water softener.

Any suggestions on configuration (I assume water enters the filter first and then goes to the softener) and also brands?

I heard about Centaur filters and also "Big Blue" filters but don't know if one is really better than the other for filtering chloramines. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Cool Chloramine removal

Big Blue is, kinda of nick name for a brand of filter housing, or sump, there are filters available for those BB,s that will "reduce" the amount of Cloramines in the water, first you will have to test the water to find out how much is in there, expressed as ppm . Catalytic carbon is the type of type that will remove/reduce chloramine..Centaur is a brand of catalytic carbon.. Keep one thing in mind, removal of chloramine from the whole house will most definitely save the resin bed from early forced retirement, however, you'll chase your tail scrubbing pink or green stains from the shower drain area as well as the toilet tank...Tampa's Water Dep't. say's they "put that in there for a reason" and I believe them, after numerous complaints from customers regarding the "pink ring aoround the toilet bowl"

I Goobled a website at random and found this to at least get you started for what your looking for.

These prices are outrageous for a simple twin chamber setup, so, do your homework first, and shop around, there are much better prices for this type of filtration.
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Yeh, that pink ring stuff is a bunch of garbage/rhetoric to fool the people into thinking this chloramine crap is good for us. That pink ring is actually caused by nitrifying bacteria, caused by too much ammonia left over in the chloramine process. And currently there's no epa limit on how much excess ammonia is allowed in our drinking water. I had the same problem. Now my whole house is on a catalytic carbon filtration system, and testing reveals all the chloramines are being removed. The only thing left is the free ammonia they are putting in. And that's gonna be difficult to get out. But I'm working on it.

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