Water Softener Doesn't Soften Water

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Water Softener Doesn't Soften Water

My wife says our water softener is not softening water. I can't really tell (I never could). I manually regenerated the water softener twice and my wife says no change. I checked all the usual stuff: plenty of salt, brine solution is getting sucked into the tank as normal, no salt bridge, timer works fine, not bypassed, everything seems to be working fine. The softener was installed when the house was built in 1997, so not too old. Any ideas what it could be? I find it hard to believe that the resin is worn out after only ten years...

- Russ
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Go get yourself a water hardness test kit and you'll really know the hardness level. That's the only way you'll know if any changes you've made are making a difference, or if there's even a problem.
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All softening resins break down due to natural attrition at varying rates, depending on crosslinkage, chlorine/chloramine levels, brine concentrations and metalic ion content in the water. You will have to periodically derate the capacity of your system to accomodate for attrition.

I agree with mabulok though, the only way to really know would be to test.
You could use a GO/NO GO soap test or a titration kit like the Hach 5B to make sure.

Test effluent cold & hot to compare to the influent/untreated water. The cold will give you an instant status of the system and the hot will give you a cumulative water quality average for the last few days - assuming of course that the entire home is plumbed soft.

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