Bad sulfur smell in a one person house

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Bad sulfur smell in a one person house

Hello - I'm a newbie here. I posted a few days ago and was wondering if anyone had an opinion on a a one person system to remove the sulfur smell from well water. The system we have for the house works but it still is leaving slight reddish staining. I was hoping for something less expensive than the $2500 system (plus the cost of a big blue filter). What is effective and where can we order to install ourselves?

We have two buildings supplied by one well. The first is a one bedroom barn apartment that my husband and I lived in for eight years - that water goes through a string filter (the small whole house ones) and the through a Kenmore softner. The barn apartment water stinks of sulphur. The new tenant can't stand it. I guess we either got used to it or it's gotten worse with the lack of rain.

We (no kids just two people) eventually built the house and moved in 9 months ago. The house has a large whole house string filter and then the aeration tank and a backwashing filter. The water smells and tastes fine although we are getting light red rings in the toilets and my grout in the shower is lightly red especially where the water stands. That system was expensive, installed professionally and only seems to solve part of the problem. The company suggests we install the same system in the one person apartment ($2500) but I'm leary because how do we know it will work?

Our well water test done 8 years ago:
ph - 7
Iron - 2.7
Maganses - .17
Hardness - 4

The water sample taken today from unfiltered water:
pH - 6.9
Iron - .5
Hardness - 4

We are planning to try to install something for the apartment and we're looking at the Pyralox. Does it work? Are there other options? We added Redout to the softner tank for the first time last weekend but I am wondering if the tank is dead anyway. We bleached the lines July 1 and installed a carbon filter - by 10 July the new tenant was very unhappy with the odor. The well was shocked 9 months ago.
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Stinky water

One of the sad things about owning a well is that you become your own water utility. You end up having to do everything that the water utility does for us city folk.

Foremost, make sure that you don't have a pathogenic bacterial issue. Have your county health department perform a coliform test to ensure that your water is safe.

If your water is safe, then treating the aesthetics is relatively easy.

Iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) frequently occur together in groundwater.

Odors in iron-bearing water are usually caused by H2S, but can sometimes be caused by iron reducing bacteria.

The following options would be viable (listed in ascending order of cost/complexity):-

Drop chlorinator with post filtration
MTM - permanganate regenerated iron filter

I'm concerned about your low pH, so I would also consider adding a micro-bubble resorber or calcite/corosex neutralizer, depending on further testing.
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It sounds like you are using a Greensand System with Potassium Permanganate (which can leave stains).

Kinetico makes an excellentsulfur system (SulfurGuard). It has a long warranty, is non-electric, handles upto 7ppm sulfurvery effectively and uses H2O2 as the regenerate.

It is in the price range you are asking and maybe below.

Le tme know if you want more info.
Andy Christensen, CWS

There are numerous ways to ridv your house of the odor, some work and some don't.
Andy Christensen, CWS

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