Iron Bacteria - need chlorination system help..

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Iron Bacteria can be a chronic problem and temporary solutions are just that.

I have completed numerous systems that are designed to rid households of bacterial iron and they work extremely well.

First of all, do you have ample space? Are you able to do simple maintenance such as chemical feed, filter replacement and tank flushing? If so, it should be no problem outside of initial costs and installation.

There are numerous solutions and others may chime in about their successes but her is what I use.

Pieces of equipment
1. 15-gallon sollution tankl
2. 80-gallon retention tank
3. In-line mixer
4. Parastaltic pump (Stenners are best)
5. Backwashing filter (multi-media including filter-ag and carbon)

cost of the system can range from $1700- $2700

The pump, which is normally switched at your pressure switch, draws hydrogen peroxide-H202 (7%) from the solution tank and injects after the pressure tank. It mixes through an in-line mixer (large tube with mixing flanges) to assure a consistent blend and then goes into the bottom of the retention tank. More retention may be required if flow rate is high.

The retention time should be estimated at about 20 minutes. Then before the water goes out the top to the backwashing filter, there should be a small test valve so that free H202 can be measured and pump adjustments made if needed.

The water passes trhough the backwashing filter where excess H202 is removed along with any precipitants that are caused by the oxidation. A softener and RO may follow. The foot print may be around 4x8 feet for the system.

The H202 is a powerful oxidizer and has disinfection/sanitation qualities also. For disinfection of pathogens a minimum of 120 gallons is required for 6 gpm flow rate and concentration may be increased. The H202 will take care of the bacterial iron, refreshen the water, remove odors and make your softener last longer and use less salt because the iron is greatly reduced.

Sanitizing all the plumbing in the house is an intricate part of the process and instructions for that can be given later.

Hope this helps,
Andy Christensen, CWS
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Storage life of Peroxide

Andy, how are you integrating your storage tank to keep the peroxide at a consistent strength over time ?

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