dom i need as new hot water heater

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dom i need as new hot water heater

the water softener broke, sending tons of orange beads into the hot water heater, and through the cold water lines .

The plumber said the hot water heater cannot be cleaned or repaired, and that it should be replaced to stop further damage to the washer, & faucets. He said if i continue to use the cold water without bypassing the broken softener,

the toilets will get damaged and the pipes will become clogged. Right now i cant get any pressure to the top florr showers, or faucets.

My question is , is the plumber exaggerating? Can I run the hot water heater without more damage being caused? Do i really need to replace it, and do i really need all my pipes flushed ? there are beads everywhere in all sinks , toilets, tubs..etc..

can beads REALLY ruin a Hot Water heater?

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Well, the resin beads are a type of plastic. Heat + plastic can have desire results or total failure. In your case, itis more the latter.

However, you should be able to drain your water heater. Make sure the gas or electric to the unit is shut off. Open the drain at the bottom and drain to see if the resin comes out. If nothing comes out the resin may have gone from a bead state to quasi-liquid state.

NOTE: It may happen that after opening your drain, it can be difficult to close completely again. Solid water gets stuck in the valve port and the valve doesn't completely close. Have an attachment with a shut off handy to add to the draiin so the water can be stopped. A short garden hose adapter you can get at a hardware store, will do.

If that happens the heater may be suffering and eventually will fail. Residue of the resins may appear in your water (not visually, but it may be present) and I would wonder if I were consumming it or not.

Replacing your heater is the prudent thing to do but may not be absolutely necessary. That's a tough call.

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