installed used Rainsoft

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installed used Rainsoft

The softener I installed was working perfectly before the previous owner had to move, and has been out of service for 3 years. A plumber told me to add a little bleach and a gallon of water to kill probable bacteria in the unit. I put it in the tank instead of the well. I also added 160 lbs of pellets. Im sure i did something wrong, because it doesn't seem to be working properly. I also ran the regeneration. Please set me straight. Tell me how to get this unit working.
Rainsoft AQC 50
3780 GR/LB at 2.0LB Salt Dose

Thanks justalurker for your advise thus far. Your right, I may have to get a rep to service this unit. It worked great for my nefew. I have recently moved, and the water is very hard. My buddy down the street purchased a new system for 3grand. This unit was free and was also purchased for 3 or
4 Gs. Please continue to advise, even if it doesn't change.

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Here's what I'd do... check that the resin isn't fouled. If it is then best to replace it. Check the brine pickup, brine line, and venturi/screen to see if they are clogged. If not clogged is there suction during the brining stage? Make sure the salt is not bridged and only put about two bags in the brine tank, not 160lbs.

When you've got all that working properly determine the softening capacity of the softener and then setup the control valve based on your water conditions (hardness, iron, manganese, etc), # of people in the home, SFR of the plumbing, and any high volume water using appliances (like a jacuzzi).

If the softener can not handle the SFR of your plumbing then it will effect the water pressure.

After the softener is working properly and and setup correctly then sanitize the softener.

If there is iron in the water then there'll be some easy routine maintenance for you to do.

Stop talking to plumbers about water treatment. There are very few plumbers who know water treatment and most usually get customers into far more trouble then they were before they asked them for advice.

There are too many variables to resolve your softener problems long distance without you being familiar with the process, hardware, and system.

You need to get the water tested. Then you know what needs to be treated. Then the decision has to be made whether or not that softener will adequately treat the water. Then someone with the technical knowledge to repair that softener needs to diagnose the problems and then you decide whether it's worth the money to fix it.

I realize that you got the softener for free and there is a possibility that you got exactly what you paid for, BUT getting a pro in there to estimate what the softener needs is the best thing to do. Then you might have the right $3k softener for your home at just the cost of the repair.

There is no silver bullet or quick and easy 1,2,3 to help you.

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