water softener continually regenerating

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Red face water softener continually regenerating

First off I want to say hi to everyone since I am new here, and to thank you in advance for any help.

I am usually pretty handy but I know next to nothing about water softeners as you will learn if you read this. We haved lived in our current house for a little over a year and since we didn't have a water softener at our old house and I didn't notice any hard water problems here I ignored the water softener. Now I am paying for it.

I came home from work yesterday and heard water running in the house, upon investigation I found water running out the drain hose of the water softener. It ran for long enough (over an hour and a half) that I was sure that it wasn't just part of a regeneration cycle so I tried turning the timer thinking that I could get it to finish the cycle. That didn't work and I didn't want to continue letting water run down the drain so I shut off the supply to the softener.

Doing some research today has taught me that I shoudn't have let the softener run with no salt and that I should have a bypass valve which I can't seem to find. I am going to get some salt and will then turn the water back on to see if this makes any difference. In the meantime any relief from my overwhelming ignorance would be appreciated. The water softener is an older Lindsay with a timer control.

Thanks, whiteoak
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Running a softener without salt is real hard on the resin (softening media) but should not be causing water constantly running to drain. That is another problem.

Most likely the control valve is stuck in other than the service position. The cause could be a failed motor and/or a broken or seized internal component.

Does shutting off the water supply to the softener shut off the water to the entire house or ONLY the softener?

Are you sure that back behind the softener there isn't a bypass valve?

Can you post pics of the softener, control valve, and plumbing connections?

Is there any info on the softener detailing model number, size, or age?

It might be prudent and cost effective to replace that softener with a current technology demand initiated softener. They are more water and salt efficient and depending on your water conditions, water usage, and SFR requirements may cost about the same as a major repair to the one you have.

First things first... answer the questions I asked (in bold type) and we'll see where to go from there.
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It could possibly be that the time needs to be reset on your water softener. water softeners usually take about an hour and a half to two hours to go through a full regeneration. water softeners usually are set to go off at 2:00am but due to power outages and what not the time could be off causing the machine to regenerate during the day. that would be the easy fix. you could have a bigger inner valve problem going on. causing water to constantly just flow to the drain. They have stopped making most of the parts for the old lindsey machines. so if it is a seriouse problem it might be time to replace the machine.


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