new well water problems

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new well water problems

The plumbing to my well tank disintegrated, and i decided to replace the 25 yr old well tank while i was at it. The new tank is a bladder style like the old one , but the pressure switch on it is a 40-60, whereas the old one was 20-40. I bought this setup at the local plumbing supply house - and they recommended the increased psi.

The problem is that since then, i have terrible problems with the water quality. I have always had a little rust issue, but it is horrible now and it has been going on for 4 months. The glasses are all covered with white deposits, the toilets, showers, sinks are all red, my white clothes are pretty much ruined at this point, and at my closest point of use the water often smells like rotten egg... I have put softener cleaner thru the resin and it did help, but not enough.

i had 3 different companies out and each one had different suggestions, altho all 3 agreed that the water that they tested was soft. 1 suggested a 1500$ tannin filter, another suggested kinetico dual water system - that maybe it was a capacity issue, and the third suggested an iron prefilter.

i am stumped, and really tired of cleaning red fixtures and listening to my family complain about the water. i dont see what a new well tank and pressure switch and new copper plumbing could have to do with all this - so am not sure if it is a coincidence or ? i will tell you that i live in michigan in the middle of the woods, and that we have had more rain this year than i have ever seen...and not sure if that could be affecting my supply either.
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It sounds as though you may have gotten some debri/sediment into the control valve of your softener during the replumb of the well tank and it is not regenerating properly. Check the owners manual to clean the eductor assembly.
Does the well have a submersible pump (below ground) or a (jet pump)?
If you previously had a galvanized pressure tank, the H2s would have aerated off in the tank. With a captive air tank the H2s will not smell until you open a faucet and introduce oxygen (a typical softener can not remove it).
Jet pumps are limited to the head pressure they can build up to draw water from the drop pipe. If you have a jet pump and are operating it with a 40/60 switch, the well may be starving for water as it tries to build pressure. Bacteria could have been introduced into the system during your replumb also contibuting to the rotten egg smell. The well would need to be shock chlorinated and flushed along with the whole house to rectify this problem. Please be sure to BY-Pass softener during this process. Then sanitize softener.
Check these and good luck.

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