How to winterize water softener?

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How to winterize water softener?

I have a cottage that I would like to install a water softener. The cottage is not used/heated in the Michigan winter and I drain all the water lines. In my area it is possible to below -10 F. I inquired at a national chain about how to winterize a water softener and they said there was not a good way - so for now I am noy buying one.

Most water softeners have a tank containing plastic beads inside the main brine tank and I am not sure how this "bead" tank could be drained. Does anyone know how to do this or know of a brand of water softener that is easy to winterize?

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Naturally, you don't want any container of water to freeze whether under pressure or not. But even if you drain the water, the resin contain moisture and are made of a type of plastic that will be damaged if frozen.

Don't add any anit-freeze chemicals. The only real way to remove the unit to a warm location. You could wrap it in heat tape and hope the power doesn't go off. You could let water run through at a slow rate, but that's not really a good idea for long periods of time.

Unless your tank it too large to move, just take it out and find a friend that will keep it in his basement or garage.

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Andy Christensen, CWS-II
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RV Water Softener

Buy an RV Water Softener, I like the Mark 8000. Softens about 800 gal of water. Pour in a box of salt for 30 minutes then flush and your good to go. In winter Just disconnect and take it home.
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Shut the water off to the house. unhook the water softener from the plumbing. unscrew the valve off the tank and siphon the water out off the tank. put the valve in a warm spot(they can hold water in weird spots that you dont want to freeze).
that's how i would do it if i owned it.

having said this my grandma owns a cottage in the Michigan thumb area and when she goes to Florida in the winter, culligan comes and unhooks there rental water softener, lays it on its side and calls it good. sometimes there is some resin on the ground next to the softener. being in the water industry this make me chuckle. but the machine still works.

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