Water conditioner service

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Water conditioner service

I had a Kinetico system installed about a year ago & recently got a card reminding me it was time to have the annual service done. The system consists of a brine tank, 2 small (18x8") resin(?) tanks, & 2 large (54x10") calcite(?) tanks. It is my understanding the "service" consists of adding calcite at a cost of $129 for the service call plus the cost of the calcite @ $50/50# bag. I can buy the calcite locally @ $15/50# bag. If it's just a matter of adding calcite, that doesn't seem to be rocket science. Turn off the supply water, drop the pressure, remove the plugs, siphon out water, add calcite leaving about 10-12" of freeboard & restore the system to service. Right? Anything else? BTW, I use slightly less than a 40# bag of KCl each month if that makes any difference.
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You've got the idea, Does you water have high iron (2.0 ppm or more)? If so, sometimes a dump-n-rebed may be advised. That is a little harder to do, of course.

If the plugshave o-rings, get some silicone and lube them up and make sure the threads are completely clean of calcite before screwing the caps back on.

How has the system been working? ow low is you pH at teh source water and how is it after treatment?

Hope that helped.
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Yes $50/bag is a rip off price, unless it includes installation, which is highly unlikely with most Kinetico dealers.

The only reason to have to dump the mineral and replace it is improper/incomplete backwash. That happens rarely but, you should put the unit into backwash for about 10-15 minutes before adding mineral (do each tank) and then after adding mineral to one tank, when you turn the water back on, have the control in the backwash position and fill the tank with water and then backwash until the water going out the drain line is clear. You may have to figure out which tank is in the backwash position. You want to backwash with the main shut off valve or inlet side of the by pass valve, open about 1/3 so you don't get mineral up into the control valve and out the drain line. You increasingly open the shut off valve until the water runs clear, then open it full open. Then do the other tank the same way after adding mineral.

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