Harm in drinking super clean water?!


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Harm in drinking super clean water?!

Wow, there seems to be a religous debate on the Net about drinking ultra-pure water. I have a RO/DI system that makes zero part per million total dissolved solids in it. It has sediment, carbon along with the RO.
I assumed water without the flouride, chlorine, dirt, and who knows what else, can only be good for me. Then I read wild web sites that say you can die from drinking distilled water. Um, i'm not dead yet. My cat drinks only this kind of water since he was 4 weeks old, he's 11 now. What do you think about the "controversey" of drinking very clean water?
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Minerals in water are beneficial to the body. Minerals are also contained in food, which is the major source for minerals consumed. I don't think that there is any scientific evidence that shows a difference in health between drinking regular water and distilled water, despite claims to the contrary.

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Very clean water will seek out to dissolve minerals to replace what it has lost. This is why they use it as a cleaner in the semi conductor industry. So if you drink it, the water will remove the minerals essential of good health.
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I recall that distilled water has very low pH. Beer 4U2
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water pH

Most RO water has a pH of 6+ and sometimes even 5+. Distilled water is at 7.0 The human body maintains the blood at a pH of 7.3 So the more alkaline the water, the better for health. I drink filtered water and then add trace minerals. You can use pH paper to test your water pH.
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Stomach acidity levels are a ph of 1-2! Almost a million times more acidic as 7 ph water. It doesn't dissolve essential minerals with low ph water; higher ph water almost immediately turns to acid water 2 seconds after you drink water in the stomach. The stomach, saliva, small intestine and the rest of your body all take care of its own regulating of ph, and absorption. The body is an amazing machine. Drink plenty of what ever water taste good to you and if you feel better drinking filtered, reverse osmosis, bottled water, you'll feel better mentally just by the fact that you THINK it's better for you. The mind is even more amazing! TJ
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Something like fasting on distilled or ro water can be very dangerous because of your rapid loss of electrolytes and trace minerals causing irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. Mineral loss also puts you at risk of many degenerative diseases. I have a whole house water filter. I also have a NoAds.com so that all of my drinking water and ice are parasites, chlorine and dioxins free.

I only boil pure water because through boiling hazardous materials become condensed.

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