Culligan 89 Start Up.

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Culligan 89 Start Up.

I have a Culligan Mark 89 that is in a home I just recently purchased. I have not done anything with it until today when I noticed that it is leaking from the control panel. I am wondering if I can take his panel off without having water leaking all over the basement? Also any idea of what could be leaking? Also I would like to get it back into service. I have emptied the salt tank and it REALLY needs a cleaning but was wondering what I should do to get it up and running? Thanks inadvance for the help.

Steve Gibson
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Mis-use by dis-use. One of the biggest destroyers of water softeners is letting 'em sit for long periods of time without functionng. Seals and o-rings can become brittle and crack. Resins can also go bad by laying dormat.

I bought a house two years ago and had thew same issues. I replaced it with a more relaible (and efficient) system. The brine drum gets dirty because that model uses hard, untreated water for brine production.

There is no telling how far you would have to go to get that back up and running without tearing it apart. Have you contacted Culligan? If you do take it apart and worried about it leaking all over, mkae sure the main water shut off isd turned and run a faucet to relieve pressure.

Andy Christensen, CWS-II
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Mark 89's have few problems. If it's leaking from the front, you can remove the cover with just 2 screws. You will most likely find that under the gear pack in the middle is a shaft that has been pushed sideways by the crank. It's only supposed to go in and out, but if the seal pack inside the valve is 'frozen' to the piston, then the crank pushes the shaft sideways and causes a leak and may break the plastic part on the 'bell crank'. A new seal pack 'kit' includes a modification to prevent sideways pressure on the seal pack, a new seal pack and brine valve.
That runs around $80.
Other than that, pull your drain restrictor to make sure it's not plugged. (U-clip pull drain straight out and restrictor is a rubber behind that -rounded side in.) And open the plate on the top with 3 screws and pull out the jet and screen and make sure they are clean.
As for the salt tank, They look dirty right away. That's the natural sediment from the salt. Use rock salt in these tanks. The plate at the bottom is designed to keep the sediment in the tank instead of going into your softener.
Though it may look dirty, I've seen these run for years without being emptied and cleaned. It's been 6 or 7 years since I cleaned out my own and it still works fine as long as I stick to rock salt, not that pellet sh**.

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