Fleck 5600 Settings

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Fleck 5600 Settings

I am planning to get a water softener and from the comments here, it looks like the Fleck 5600 would be a good choice. I was looking at the User Manual online and one of the settings is a People Dial. My question is, why is that necessary? Doesn't the meter measure the number of gallons that flow through and based on that determine when to regenerate the system? My understanding is obviously too simplistic. Could someone help me understand what the People Dial is and why it is necessary?
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Yes, metered softeners measure the amount used during their service period. But that amount used by one person will be (in theory) a lot less than by 7 people.

Since these should only regenerate at a time when water is not being used in service--typically in the wee hours of the morning--it still has to guess which morning that should be.

A reserve capacity (RC) is set according to the number of people so that when a softener is predicted to run out of softening ability, there should be enough left over to reach that 2AM regeneration.

A house with one person would have a smaller RC than a house with seven. They are often estimated at 75 gallons per person per day. Moreover, the tank size may need to change dramatically as well according to the number of users.

Many softeners have a 'guest' setting that can be quickly changed when the grandkids visit for the weekend and then changed back after they go home

Twin-tank softeners shouldn't have to make these adjustments. They automatically make up for volume changes and there is no need to worry about writing till 2AM or limiting your water use.

Andy Christensen, CWS-II
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Originally Posted by robd123
I was looking at the User Manual online and one of the settings is a People Dial. My question is, why is that necessary?
This was done years ago by Fleck to aide people in setting them. Don't pay any attention to it. Set the meter by lining up the white dot with the number (gallon count).

The manual shows a min salt setting of 6 lbs. Some people don't take into account that a reserve has to be factored (as Andy said) into the gallon setting. The reserve (20%) is taken out of the min capacity of 20,000 leaving 16,000. I use a salt setting of 8 lbs and leave the min capacity at 20,000. Same amount of salt, less regens.

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