air injection issue on iron filter system

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air injection issue on iron filter system

I have a somewhat variable iron level in my raw well water, for this reason we have a birm type iron filter in place. Generally speaking this works fine however, there is often a trace of iron turbidity, a slight iron smell & taste. None of this is too bad, but I would like to clear up the last little bit.

To this end I called in the local techs to give my system a look. Their position is that my well pump, at 20+ years old, has a reduced flow which disallows the venturi air injector to inject air and this reduces the precipitation rate of iron within the filter and this is why our water has this slight iron within in it.

They propose one of two solutions: replace the well pump or install an air pump onto the injector. They inicate they can replace the pump for approximately $500 or install an air pump for approximately $600.

I would be inclined to simply 'polish' the drinking water in the kitchen/refrigerator with a carbon filter for about $50 and be done. BUT, the mechanically inclined yankee in me keeps telling me that I could surely install a very cheap air pump myself.

Anyone have any thoughts on the topic?
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There are 2 issues that puzzle me. I've never heard of a birm filter with an air induction system. Do you have an air bleed tank? Is it a brass block? And why don't you increase the number of regens?
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I've never seen an air pump but I have seen venturis on birm filters. In my area, it is rare because well water has at least 15% dissolved oxygen in it. If the 02 level is low, then an aeration system can be installed. But, a gas-off tank should also be installed or your faucets will be spitting air all the time.

Where is your venturi located in the water line? It just may be that the venturi needs a good cleaning. These can clog up and restict air flow. These is more to installing an air pump than a simple connection but it can be done if you know what to do.

Andy Christensen, CWS-II

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