Should I bypass kitchen cold and refrigerator when installing water softener?

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Should I bypass kitchen cold and refrigerator when installing water softener?

I donít know the pros and cons of bypassing or including kitchen cold and refrigerator cold in the softening system. Can someone help me understand, please? Thanks
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soft versus hard

Softening the water to the cold kitchen sink and ice maker has both pros and cons and depends on the condition of your raw water to begin with. The biggest (and far over reacted to) thing about softening your water that you drink is the sodium added in the softeneing process. Most people think it's going to kill you if you drink too much of it because of the added sodium content. In my opinion in most cases, it's just not so. Every grain of hardness is replaced with approx. 7.86 mg/l of sodium ions in the softening process. EX. 25 grains of hardness will add approx. 196 mg/l to your water. IF you drink a liter a day that will account for roughly 6.5% to only 4% of your average daily intake of 3000-5000 mg/day ! Unless your on a totally green vegatable diet and eat absolutly no canned foods, processed foods etc. It's generally not a health concern. Only you and your doctor will know that. Milk even has 130 mg/ cup ! Bacon, V8, Oscar Meyer, way off the charts. The biggest thing is going to be your taste and your preference. Now if the water is very ,very very hard 50-100 grains, yes it will taste bad and so will your raw water. Soft water will save your ice maker some wear and tear from scale build up and you won't have white flakes floating in your water when the ice melts. But it just might not taste good to you either. Some people with a fair amount of iron in the water may prefer drinking soft water. Best solution, soften all the water except outside and run Reverse Osmosis Water to a seperate Kitchen faucet and refrigerator. Or keep the main faucet on soft, hot and cold and install a seperate goose neck for hard cold only. Then you have a choice to choose from and hook up your refrigerator later to the line you prefer! Good Luck!
TJ Hornet

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