RO System - Constant Drain?

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RO System - Constant Drain?

I recently purchased another fixer-upper and because life is a learning situation, my new house has different fixing-upping than the one that I recently sold. And, as should be the case, once again, I'm starting by getting the existing systems in good working order.

This house came equipped with an undersink, Watts "Premier" Reverse Osmosis System, "Ultra 5".

I don't know if the water was always cut-off during our walk-throughs or if the ambient noise was enough to cover it, but it didn't take long after moving-in to notice a constant drain sound coming-up from the sink.

To start, I chalked it up to the reverse osmosis wasting four gallons for every gallon purified, but even though we really don't draw any water from the RO, the noise never stopped. I also wondered, whether the fact that I have no idea when the the filters were last changed might be a factor, but since I've made a conscious effort to draw no water from the RO faucet today and the noise continues unabated, I'm thinking it might be something else.

This evening, I pulled the trap from under the drain saddle (black tube) and though that side of the sink hadn't been used in hours, I appear to be getting a running discharge of about a cup a minute.

Of course, I'm now going to take the manual and try to determine how to cut the supply to the RO system because that kind of waste on city water sounds expensive, but once I've accomplished that feat, I'm not sure which way to proceed.

Any ideas about what could be causing this constant draining or suggestions as to what I might do to address it would be appreciated. We kind of like the idea of having reverse osmosis water at the sink, but wasting a cup a minute certainly wouldn't be worth the expense.

Thanks in Advance

ETA: I wasn't sure which forum to search prior to posting my query, but now that I've got it pegged-down to this one and I can more efficiently use the search mechanism, I found this thread about a similar problem with a GE.

If anyone has any tips or adjustments to make concerning the difference between a Watts and a GE, I would be much appreciative. After all, replacing all of the filters, possibly leading back to a shut-off valve sounds time-consuming and sort of expensive, especially considering that most of my tools are still in assorted boxes, spread throughout my new house.


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The system should have an auto shut off. When the tank is full, the main feed is shut off until water is used. To test the auto shut off, turn the tank valve (if equipped) off. Within a few minutes the drain water should stop. If not, the auto shut off is not working and should be replaced. If the system is hooked to an ice maker, shut it off as well when testing.

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