Regenerate Carbon filters


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Regenerate Carbon filters

I had a whole house water softener system installed a couple of months ago and it is working fine except for one issue. I have a low (but noticeable) amount of hydrogen sulphide from my well.
I have an activated carbon filter inline after the resin tank and it does completely remove the smell when the filter is new. The problem is that the first filter I used was a cheapo $8 carbon filter and it only lasted three days. I replaced it with a $20 filter and that lasted about three weeks. The problem is the $20 filters. Either I need to find a cheaper source for the filters or I need to figure out how to regenerate the filter to extend it's life.
I tried pulling the filter and soaking it in a warm baking soda solution for an hour. That actually worked but only for about three days, then the smell was back.
Next I tried pouring a mild bleach solution through the filter (not as easy as it sounds). So far it has been five days and no smelly water.
Any ideas, comments, or suggestions appreciated.

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Buy a tank of carbon with a backwashing valve. You have an upfront cost with very little maintenance vs low upfront cost in the filters but a lot of maintenance.
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Agree.... I'd buy a whole house unit filled with carbon media that will backwash itself as needed. I think I'd also put this filter before the softener, not after it...... might help your softener work more efficiently. Later!
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