Iron Bacteria - Aqua Systems Smart Choice II Eradicator


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Iron Bacteria - Aqua Systems Smart Choice II Eradicator

We live on a well in central Ohio (no idea of the depth, but the water table is shallow around here), and have been here 8 years. We have a whole house filter (use a carbon cartridge) and a Culligan water softener. We do not have iron pipes, as we re-plumbed everything with copper 5+ years ago. We have always had periodic odor from the water (both hot and cold taps, and we have gas water heater, not electric), but is a lot more frequent in the last two years (not sure if increased well drilling in area impacted us, as farmland is being turned into houses near us). We use the rust-treatment salt pellets, and that keeps the staining down somewhat, but after 3-4 months a white t-shirt is orange. We change the filter cartridge every 30-45 days because of low water pressure, and at that time it is HEAVY and coated with what appears to be red iron sludge. The inside of our toilet tank has red slime. We are to a point with the increasing frequency of the odor (it ruins clothes, especially bath towels, and can make your hair smell) that we do not want to live with it any more. From what we can tell, we have issues with Iron bacteria that could be improved through shocking the system, but it also appears most people find that to be a temporary solution. A Kinetico salesperson said there is nothing to be done for iron bacteria, other than shocking the well. I have read about chlorine drips systems, but if possible prefer to avoid that. Aqua Systems did tests and hardness is 25 gpg, said that the water softener is working fine, that Iron is 1ppm, that there is no sulfur, and as a result of the symptoms (reduced water flow, red slime, odor) diagnosed iron bacteria. They say that their Gen II Eradicator will serve as a whole house filter, and eliminate iron and iron bacteria. Any feedback is appreciated. We are willing to pay $1,500 if that will eliminate the odor, staining and improve water pressure, but cannot find a lot of independent info on water treatment systems. Thanks for your advice!
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bacterial iron is hard to treat. I would start with an iron filter and see how that does. if your using a carbon filter as your first line of protection, that is most likely causing your pressure drop. that carbon is getting clogged up right away by the iron.
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I would shock treat the well and see what happens. Sometimes, that will take care of the problem for a long time. Maybe you can go a while between shocks……..This is certainly cheaper than any equipment, and therefore worth a try.

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