Rainsoft water filter timer replacement

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Rainsoft water filter timer replacement

I have a Rainsoft water filter system installed in '96 and recently the service technician has informed me that the timer has 5 stripped gears and a replacement is no longer available. He stated that they could replace the unit with a new digital usage monitor for their low cost of $3000. I am wondering if I can replace the controls with a Fleck or Clack model and be done with RainSoft? I have a two tank system for iron removal as well as hardness. The timer that failed is on the
9"i/s dia.x54" tank and is a Rainsoft model RF-1054y.
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On the newer style Rainsoft, I have replaced the timer motor. They cost around $45.00. Can you send me a pic of the valve? Yes you can replace the valve with a Fleck Or a Clack even though I don't know if you will have to replace the distributor tube.
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Wow. Why am I not suprised?

So Rainsoft talked this poor guy into a WS that's 3x the cost of a normal one rationalizing it with it's superior 'quality and service' yet when it fails within a reasonable time-frame, all they can do is sell him another 3x water softener? OMG. $100 says if he tells them he's going try and fix it himself they'll go apesh*t and say it will void the warranty(which is apparently useless in the first place...).

I bought a house with $10K worth of RS equipment and the first thing I did was get rid of most of it. I kept the ReverOsm system but when I went to them for filters they were $200. I hung up and immediately ordered 'warranty-voiding non-RS' filters for $25 and it's been fine for 4 years now. That company is a joke.

My advice for OP:
1.) Cut all ties with RS
2a.) Try fixing it yourself. It's water-softening and plumbing, not rocket science.
2b.) Or replace it with a top of the line Whirlpool from Home Depot(does the same job) for $800. You're already plumbed, should take you about an hour.
3.) Call a plumber immediately have the regeneration brine-waste line re-routed. RS technicians are lazy and always just stick the waste-line into a floor drain or directly into the sump-well. Read your sump-pump manual. This will damage your pump and void all warranties. When your pump dies after 2 years and your basement floods, thank Rainsoft.

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