Is my Kinetico Quad 50 set up right?

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Is my Kinetico Quad 50 set up right?

I purchased a Kinetico Quad 50 approximately 11 years ago in Las Vegas, NV. The unit was installed and serviced by Kinetico for 4 years that i lived there. I removed the unit myself and took the softener with me to Martinsville, IN for future use. The house i moved into had well water so the unit was of no use to me at this time. I stored the unit in my garage with the water drained, I THOUGHT, and the openings plugged. About three years later the County started installing Rural Water in my area so i figured it was time to start getting the Quad 50 ready for install. After carefully inspecting the tanks, I noticed the bottom tank on the secondary unit was cracked and seeping black resin/beads. I took the tank to the nearest Kinetico dealer which was 55 miles away. They seemed kind of hesitant about fixing my softener since i never purchased it from them. They replaced the bottom tank and resin for $325. Seemed kind of high to me but i had no other choice. I finally completed the install after several snafus. When i turned the water back on, the bottom tank on the primary unit was leaking this time. Back to Kinetico I go and another $225 dollars down the tube. I put off completely installing the water system until i got heat in the garage where the softeneris installed. Almost two years later i finally have a heated garage. According to the water company in my area the hardness of the water is 22 gpg. The control head has a number 4 disk installed and the float assy/adjuster tube in the brine tank has the tabs broken off down to the H mark. I don't know a whole lot about the system and the local Kinetico dealer acts like any information giving out is top secret stuff. It is almost impossible to find any kind of information or operating manuals on the Quad 50. I am afraid with all the movements this unit has gone through that the float positions and any other adjustments have been knocked out of whack. My questions are these! With the water softener configured the way i have described, is this the correct setup for the water system i am currently on? Will the water be to soft/salty or not softened enough with these settings? There are five marks on the float rod that the float rides on inside the brine well. What mark is the float supposed to be set at? Does the float move up and down the float rod or does it remain where you set it? Is the adjuster tube supposed to move up and down the shaft during different phases of the cycle or does it remain seated on the float seal? During the brine draw is all the fluid supposed to be transferred to the resin tanks? I know i have rambled on and on but i want all the information i can get about the Quad 50 so i can get a better understanding of how the system works. I dont see spending the kind of money that i have spent on this sytem if i am not getting the optimum performance out of it. All answers from anyone familiar with the Kinetico systems would be greatly appreciated. I am grasping for information about this systems. Thanks to all in advance.
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Originally Posted by Clubfed
I purchased a Kinetico Quad 50 approximately 11 years ago in Las Vegas, NV.......
Thanks for the PM. I replied there. Did you get it?

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