New To Florida - How Do I Recharge My Water Softner?


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New To Florida - How Do I Recharge My Water Softner?

Hello everybody,

First let me say that I went to: Sticky: Detailed breakdown of Water Softeners/Filters at the top of the forum... and I didn't see (or maybe I didn't understand) what I was looking for.

My family and I recently moved to NorthEast Florida and our house has a water softener. I've never dealt with one of these things before and I am not sure what to do.

I've noticed that when I shower it's like the soap doesn't lather up nor does it seem to rinse off... I assume this means I need to "recharge" my system.

In my garage there is a tall black cylinder with some kind of box attached to the top of it... beside that is a shorter and fatter cylinder with an easy to remove plastic lid. Inside this shorter cylinder is just a little tiny bit of salt at the bottom...

I bought 2 big bags of salt to be used in water softeners and I assume I have to put that salt into the short fat cylinder... but I'm not sure of the order of things.

Is there something I need to do first (before adding the salt)?

How do I then recharge the system? There has to be a process.

Any advice?

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St. Augustine, maybe?

Depends on how old and what kind of controls it has. Our softener has electronic controls so is pretty easy to set. Somewhere on the tall cylinder (which is the resin bed) there has to be a way to make settings. See if there is a cover to access things. Depending on the water quality, there may also be some parts that are gummed up. I have to dismantle and clean the venturi assembly on mine every couple of months or it stops softening. I'll see if I can find some links for you.

Put the salt in the salt tank anytime; might want to check that the bottom is clean first. Good time to clean out any silt or crap if there is any. One of the pro water guys should be along with more info.
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It would help if you could post a picture of the softener unit--particularly the control head (on top of the softener).

But in the absence of a picture here is some general information. The salt goes into the salt tank. I assume the softener is the automatic type and that you have it plugged in to a known good outlet.

There is probably a bypass valve where the unit connects into the house water supply. You need to ensure this is in the position so that water flows through the softener rather than simpy past it.

There should be a button, or perhaps a nob to turn, (it depends on the specific control valve) that you push or turn to initiate an immediate regeneration cycle. Once inititated the automatic valve should go through a regeneration cycle.

Again depending on the specific valve the "brine fill" (when water is added to the salt tank to make brine for regeneration) may be at the beginning of the regeneration cycle (and if at the beginning there will then be a pause of a couple of hours before any further action to allow brine to form) or at the end of the regeneration cycle to make brine for the next regeneration. If the brine fill is at the beginning then the regeneration should be fine if the unit is working and correctly programmed. If brine fill is at the end then you will need to wait a couple of yours after the regeneration cycle completes and then reinitiate regeneration so that a regeneration with brine is done.

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