How to setup a Kenetico Softener

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How to setup a Kenetico Softener

I have a kenetico water softener -- I believe it's a paraflow 60 but can't be sure because the label's too worn to read.

My question has to do with the brine tank. I've been trying the adjust the float to control the amount of salt being used and need some help.

I've been operating on the assumption that if I lower the cup-type float in the brine tank, that'll reduce the amount of salt being used during the regen cycle. However, I must be wrong as the more I lower it, the more I seem to use.

Before I monkey around some more with this -- I thought I'd ask.

Some additional info:

We're on a well.
Very hard water....don't have the numbers so you'll have to accept this at face value.
Water from well is run through a pre-filter and then into a kenetico paraflow 60 with macrolite resin before heading to the softener. Have #8 disk in unit with macrolite and #5 in softener.
The unit with the macrolite was installed in 1995, the softener in 1998.

Both unit are working fine. Water was a littel too soft so instead in changing disks to regen less frequently, decided to adjust the float. That's were I need some help understanding how the float affects things and how to set it.

Thanks for your help.
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You can NOT adjust for "degrees of soft water". It is either soft or hard and no matter what is tried (through a softener) you will not be able to control how soft the water is. Depending on the PH you may be able to put a BB post-filter in with a calcite cartridge. to add some hardness to the water. This would be the more practical approach.
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Well, the settings on the 2060s and the 2060 paraflow are completely different. So knowing which one you have is essential.

Yes, lowering the float will allow less brine into the regen cycle. However, you could lower too much and get no brine solution as the water level won't rise high enough to dissolve the salt. Adjusting the salt level will not make water 'less soft'. The water will be soft until the resin are exhausted and then the water will become hard until the next regeneration. It's not like letting your foot off the gas to slow down; either you turn the engine on or turn it off.

First, understand your model and then the water test results before you can get your softener up and running as it is designed to do.

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