Chem Free Iron Removal System or Chlorine Injection Setup

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Chem Free Iron Removal System or Chlorine Injection Setup

40 ft drilled well, 1/2 hp jet pump with table sitting at 15 feet currently
No coliform.
ph 6.6
hardness 16 mg/l
iron 14.6 mg/l
maganese .164 mg/l

Basically a new property for us and this spring we need to deal with our iron problem before my wife looses her marbles with her laundry and such. Just installed a new toilet maybe 6 weeks ago and it's already coated with iron bacteria. Have a 4 stage RO on the sink for cooking, we drink bottled.

At the well theres an old softner system set up on bypass which i will remove. 1) Obviously before anything goes in im going to chlorine shock the well a couple of times and give it a good wash down.
2) We were quoted 8K for a chem dosing pump, 120 storage, birm, carbon filter, labour for that setup which obviously i could do for much cheaper if thats the way we go forward.
3) Been looking at chem free set ups such as the terminox ISM at budgetwater or hydrotech 1.5 iron removal at Any experience with any of these. Space is definitley an issue and the less maintenance the better.
4) With our water being soft already is there any good reason to have a water softner system installed after the iron filter?
5) Your ideal longterm setup and suggestions...please and thanks.

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Start with a calcite filter first to raise the ph and see what happens.
One of the things that can and does happen when the correction of ph takes place when there is iron is that some of the iron will fall out, how much .... is a question as I have found it to be a little to as much as half of the iron.
If at all possible I would stay away from chlorine injection.. research the byproducts of chlorine and organics..
Simple is better.
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Your iron level is extremely high and you indicate you have iron bacteria.

How do you know you have iron eating bacteria?

I agree that the first treatment should be a backwashing calcite filter to correct pH. This will also remove some iron.

If you are sure you in fact have iron eating bacteria a chorine injection system is the only practical way to go for the second phase of treatment. While it is true that chlorine can produce some undesirable compounds there is no other widely available water treatment that both deals with the iron and the bacteria. Additionally the typical chlorine injection sytem includes, in addition to chlorine injection, a retention tank which allow necessary contact time and also provides a place for most of the iron to precipitate out, and a backwashing carbon filter which removes additional precipitate, excess chlorine and most chlorine byproducts.

Finally, the calcite filter will add some hardness but given your very low hardness to start with I suggest you wait until you experience the water quality with stages one and two installed before deciding if you want a softener.

From online sources you can purchase all the equipment.-- an injection pump for less than $300, and the meter and controller necessary to do the injection after the pressure tank add another ~$400. A 120 gallon retention tank is available for ~$530. A 2 cubic foot backwashing GAC filter can be purchased for ~$600. A 2 cubic foot backwashing calcite filter is ~$750. All prices are delivered to your home.

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