Clack WS1 Setting's advice


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Clack WS1 Setting's advice

Hey everyone. The wife moved before I did (had to finish out work) and the water softener was installed before I arrived. Now that I am here I have looked over the settings and want to ensure the brilliant minds of the DIY forums agree they are the "ideal" settings.

I have not completed a water test but the annual report stated that the water in this area had hardness around 20 gpg.
I am not positive on how large the mineral tank is though. The measurements I took are approx 55" tall and 9" wide. Those may be off be an inch or so. I also took a few photos for you all.

It is only the wife and I and according to two months of water bill service we hover around 3000 gallons a month. (We have solar panels and try to be eco friendly so everything is low pressure faucets/showerheads etc.)

Here are the settings that the installer programmed into the unit.

Days between Regen-13

Energy Saver-On

Water Hardness 20GR

Softening DN Pre-Set TYPE

Fill-Set 12.0LBS

Softening Time-Set 240:00

Backwash Time-Set 8:00 Min

Draw On Time SET 60:00 Min

Backwash Time-Set 8:00 Min

Grains of Capacity-Set 33.0 x1k (I thought I had a 36k unit but maybe not)

Gallons Capacity-Set Auto

Delayed-Set Regen

Off-Set Relay 1

Off-Set Relay 2

That should be it.
Please let me know if you need any other information from me.
Thanks so much everyone,

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To save on salt, set the system to 20K Grains of Capacity with 6 Lbs salt. This will be 3333 grains per lb of salt. You have it set 2750 grains per lb of salt.
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