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I am on well water which is very hard. I am looking for alternatives to a salt based water softener and have seen the NuvoH2O infomercial. (Yes a rough night sleep that night!) Has anyone had any experience with NuvoH2O water softener?

I also will need to install a filter to remove sediment. My well is 6 years old and I am still getting quite a build up in the toilet tanks. I am assuming I will be able to find a sediment filter that can work with NuvoH2O.

Thanks for any info you can offer!
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I've only seen them, but haven't any info on them. The 2 I did see, the customer had removed our rental unit and had the Nuvo installed in place of them. Less than 2 months later we were back out to install new rental softeners for them.!?.!? I'm not sure if they don't work or just wasn't what the customer was expecting. Wish I had more info for ya.
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Response to responder to my NuvoH2O Post: Thanks. I called the company and the rep was no helpful - could not answer any questions. He did send some info that I need to read through and see if it makes sense.

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Truth from a sales rep ?

Back in the 90's there was some equipment that would remove the hardness, thought that it would be great til more research showed that Any Iron in the water and the system would fall on its face in short order.
That system is no longer on the market or Have not seen it in trade mags....

A good rule is that if it stays in trade mags or is talked about for 10 years then it should be good.
Do not recall seeing it in trade mags...nuvoh2o that is .
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