Reverse Osmosis 7 Stage Filtering / Filters Due ??


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Reverse Osmosis 7 Stage Filtering / Filters Due ??

Rural Setting , Hardness & Iron Content are part of the Neighborhood landscape ... Back Dec. 2011 we had a new Water Filtering system installed, starting with a Heavy Duty Water Softener using Rust Remover Salt.. We have a UV Light as well.. And a 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtering system tied into the Cold Water @ the Kitchen Sink.. At time of Installation we were told the 3 main Filters would have to be changed out once a year which we have done to date.. And that the other 4 would have to be changed out in the 5th year as well.. We had the Tech come early so with his TDS Meter taking a reading directly from the Cold Water @ the Kitchen Sink (Not RO Tap) he got a reading of (#9) Tell's us Not Necessary to change out the RO Filters just yet , maybe in 2017 Summertime.. Have no idea just where on the scale (#9) is or the definition behind the reading.. Thoughts & Opinions Appreciated, Cheers Thanks
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The professional you had out to test your water would be the best to ask about what his results mean.
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Wow, they have 7 stage units now, mine is only 5.

So reading between the lines, three main filters, sediment, pre-carbon, carbon, Membrane, then 3 polishing carbon filters?

First three take the brunt of cleaning the water to keep the membrane floor underlayments, they will need to be changed more often.

Post filters which are really cleaning clean water can go a loooong time between changes.

If the water softener is doing it's job, the water looks/smells/tastes ok then just keep an eye on it and change when you notice something.

I change my filters about 2X what is recommended and even then they come out looking new, not the case of the whole hose filters.
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7 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtering System

@ Marq1... Truth be Known , After the Fact we more than likely could gave gotten away with just the 3 Main Filters ?? As mentioned the previous Potasium Water Treatment setup was a Disaster in the making from the day we first moved in.. The Rust Stains and Finding out the Adnoid Rod in the Hot Water tank was giving off a Charcoal like Film when (Removed Rod, Problem Solved).. Kinda like Went for Broke to Filter the Hardness & Iron Content.. The 3 Main Filters are 3" across , Sit Vertically in the Rack.. With the 4 remaining filters layed out Horizontally in the rack on top, their like 1 1/2" across and maybe 6" / 8" long.. This Reverse Osmosis system came from a supplier in Southern Ontario, just recently we've found an agent Locally.. Hence Why we've only recently discovered maybe all 7 Filters aren't necessary to do the Job..
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