You shut off softner?


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You shut off softner?

I always say "ask the pros". Gentlemen yesterday was telling someone that when you go away, always shut the water off....he is correct, the next breath he was told end user had a water softener and the response was "when you shut the water off, turn the softener off as well". I have never heard that, my neighbor has a softener and goes on vacation and shuts his water to the house off but never turns the softener off, in fact when mentioned it his response was "never saw an off and on button to begin with!

Any truth to this?
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Mine doesn't have an on/off AFAIK, it's an older Kenmore. I think the reasoning is to prevent the unit from entering a regeneration cycle with no water flow available. One of the pros should be along to enlighten us and as to whether it really makes any difference. The auto regen function is dead on mine, so it doesn't go into the cycle until I command it, so the on/off isn't an issue.
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Depends on the unit, some go into regen only when gallons have been used. There are some that regen every x number of days , so unplugging the unit will keep it from going through a regen while one is away.
There are units out today that have a default day along with the meter, if the unit has day x default then unplugging it will keep it from a regen cycle.
If the unit has been unplugged one may need to reset the clock.
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Either way, the unit will simply cycle the valves through the regin & rinse cycle and if no water if present the unit wont know so nothing is going to happen thus no harm done.
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Unless the system had enough water to get into the brine draw and pull most of the brine into the resin bed and stop.
When the pump is turned back on and water is running through the house it is going to taste of high salt.

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