Softner install, no loop


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Softner install, no loop

I just purchased a new home and ordered a softner to install. I've just discovered the house, built in 2001, doesn't have a water softner loop. I was going to tie into the water line before the water heater, into softner than out to heater. My question, is that an acceptable option or do I have to install a loop? I have pictures, will upload when I figure out how to.

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Well, if I understand your description it would mean you would only have softened HOT water. To post pics you need to upload to an online photo site. Then you can insert the image here via link.
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You want to tie into the main line before it splits off to cold water and hot water heater.
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I agree with MarQ, if at all possible you want to treat the entire home to prevent calcium buildup in the plumbing and fixtures.

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