Kinetico Q237 - one tank drawing too much brine


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Kinetico Q237 - one tank drawing too much brine

I have a Kinetico Q237 softener, and I've noticed some very inconsistent softening. I watched each tank recharge, and through the brine well tube, the secondary tank seems to draw out the correct amount of brine, and fill up the tank with the correct amount of water. As I watched the main tank recharge, I noticed that it kept drawing out more and more brine as the regen cycle continued, even into the backwash stage. This is causing excessive salt usage since it's drawing out too much brine and refilling with more fresh water than it should.
Does anyone have an idea as to why only one tank's regen cycle would be having this issue?

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It could be that one is not pulling enough brine.
Has there been salty taste in the water at any time?
Has there been a lack of soft water?

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