can a water softener make you itch (overcharging?)


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can a water softener make you itch (overcharging?)

i have the same one installed for 10 years. last year i had an issue with it not softening and the guy came out and said the line was not drawing so i emptied the salt and cleaned out the gunk down there so the water could draw in correctly. ive been monitoring the hardness with a hach kit every once in a while when i thought the water wasnt getting soft enough. i got tired of doing that so just started manually recharging every 7 days even though the gallons i use didnt call for it that often.

i dont know if its possible to overcharge a softener but i'm cannot think of any other reason why i itch now. i went away to a hotel 3 nights last weekend and i had no itching. also a few weeks ago i did a 2 week trial of zyrtec and it did take away the itching. dont know if that means anything though.

been using same shampoo soap detergent forever so thats not the issue. only thing i can think changed is me overcharging the softener? or since it has original resin could that be an issue. the guy told me the resin is good but he just looked at the level with a flashlight on the side of the container . didnt open up and look.
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Soap works better in softened water. Maybe you are regenerating too often so your water is always highly softened causing the increased effectiveness of your soap to dry out your skin.
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last night when i mixed the water with the powder in the test tube, it changed pretty much before i even added one drop of the other stuff with the medicine dropper. i barely use 2000 gallons a month so will take a while to 'harden' up the water again.
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So when a water softener recharges, the salt solution strips away the Calcium and magnesium ions from the resin bed allowing the resin to attract additional calcium and magnesium from the hard water.

By recharging more than needed all you are doing is allowing the resin bed to have greater capacity, it does not "over charge" the system.

That is why you have the ability to adjust the recharge schedule so that it occurs at the point when the resin bed is saturated so you dont use more salt than needed.

It would not have any effect on changing the softness of the water!
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if my skin was dried out per the above statement. would zyrtec stop the itching? because it does.
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Sounds like it is time to have a test from Watercheck on Before the system and another test after the system.
It is going to be about the only way to find out what is going on for your water and what is going on in the way of itching.
I will cost but it will also answer questions.

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