Fleck 9500 leaking and water issues

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Unhappy Fleck 9500 leaking and water issues

Hi guys Im new here. I hope you can help me up.
I have a fleck 9500 in a house we recently bought. The is a leak from valves and sensor.
My water test came back with numbers all over the place. This system was neglected and water wasnt used for months.
Here's the numbers I had too high on our water test.
Lead 38.8
pH 4.58
Gross Alpha Initial 19.07
Gross Alpha final 17.56

After talking to few companies some say go with Clack some say go with fleck 9100 and some say go with new 9500. Some say remove Neutralizer and use ash soda and some say install neutralizer before softner tanks. Im so lost they all say different things I have no idea who is write or wrong.

Should I go with new dual tank Clack, new 9500, new 9100 or just replace valves on existing 9500 ?
what would be best to improve my water number ?

Thank you so much.
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9500? that is more times than not a Commercial system with large plumbing in and out.
Does the timer and the like set in the middle of two tanks?
That would be 8500 and yes it would be good to replace as it was ended Years ago and parts are ,,,, not there.

Soda ash or calcite and mag ox..... all are ways of bring up ph to 7.0 and a little above.

Different people like doing it either way. Soda ash has a tank and pump that will need filling and work , pump maybe once a year and tank about once a month to 3 month refill...
Calcite and mag ox are used up and added to maybe once a year or longer depending on water use and how much acid is in the water.

There are no systems that are plug and play and all have pros and cons and different maintenance levels.

Clack valves are dealer only or are should be and fleck are dealer and internet.

There has been a case or two where there was soda ash injection and calcite as the water was down at about 4.5ph....

I would have bidding (sealed) between the different companies and have each explain the maintenance needed for each part of the system.

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