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dravannti9 12-02-15 04:32 PM

whole home water filter and under the sink filter
Trying to decided between the Puronics Hydronex ([url][/url]) with their under the sink alkaline RO drinking water system and the Westinghouse Dynamic Series ([url=]Dynamic Series - A Westinghouse Company[/url]) with their under the sink carbon filtration system. Any pros vs cons between the two or personal experiences? Beat the dealers down to 3750 for puronics and 3650 for westinghouse (5yrs free soap with westinghouse, free pressure cooker stainless steel pot set with puronics :thumbup:).

biermech 12-02-15 04:51 PM

Both are very expensive IMO. You can get a good softener and drinking water system for around $1500. What part of Tx are from in?

dravannti9 12-02-15 10:34 PM

Houston TX, Katy to be exact. Water is pretty bad. Municipal not well.

biermech 12-03-15 01:57 PM

I spent 13 yrs in the Austin area and still know people in the water treatment business there. Don't think any of them will travel that far. As I stated, you can find a good system for around $1500. Even if it cost $2000 you are saving over 1/3 the cost.

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