burgler bar repair


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burgler bar repair

I have never welded but have soldered. I have a 6 foot section of burgler bars. The bottom 1 inch bar that the 1/4 inch bars are welded to has rusted out and must be replaced. My question is: is this a project something that a novice can do? I will need to remove the bottom bar and spot weld a new one in. Can I assume the same methods of soldering and welding are similar? All the repair companies I've called have a minimum of $250 just to come out to look at it.
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The welding and soldering are different. It also requires different tools. Welding is fusion of the metals and requires way more heat. I have figured how to bolt some things where welding might not be practical. Sometimes you may remove the thing and take to a shop to save cash,,, even take to a trade school.
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The project

you have is very simple one. This is the type of project that most busy job shops don't want. Hence the ridiculous price of estimating it. They will also have a fairly hefty minimum charge for items dropped off at the shop which is intended to discourage people from bringing in lawn chairs and things of that nature.

I agree with Mr. Berry's sound advice. You need to find a novice who just likes to weld. Almost anyone could join the thickness of these two materials which are in no way complex.

Regarding your inquiry concerning welding vs. soldering: soldering is a process which bonds at temperatures less than 840F. Some solders bond metallurgically and others bond by adhesion properties of the interface. Welding is a coalescence of metals (or other materials) that is accomplished by heating the materials to their melting point with or without the use of a filler.

A much stronger joint will be produced by welding as compared to soldering in regard to tensile strentgh.
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It's been my experience that burgler bars are usually erected to protect the valuable contents of a structure and are seldom used just for ornamental purposes; so they are usually well worth the price of repair or replacement, and may even be required by insurance companies along with alarm systems and security gates or rolling doors.

Sorry to hear that your local repair companies charge for giving an estimate. It may be a regional thing, but no one around here (Northern NJ) charges to take a look and give an estimate. Unless it's an emergency they may not come right away, and we might have to wait until they're in the area, but estimates are usually free.

I personally don't think welding fees are high. Besides the time or manhours involved there's materials and overhead. Insurance for welding shops and mobile welding units are very high compared to other trades. I don't mean to demean other trades, but welding is a craft and involves much more than it appears to. It's much more than just slagging two pieces of steel togethor.

I've needed mucho welding repairs and fabrications done on my security gates, loading docks, warehouse pallet racks, etc, etc and done much of it myself, but when I don't have time and when typical welding shops or mobile welding units are busy - or if my job is too small for them - I call rolling door companies. Welders are welders. No job is ever too tough. (I've also had the fab shop for the local garbage hauler do some welding for me). Call around.
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