Portable Welder shop plans


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Portable Welder shop plans

Portable Welder, I think somewhere you mentioned building a new welding shop. I'd like to hear some of the ideas you plan to incorporate in your new facility. I'm a one man show and I'm always looking for work and time saving ideas or just something to make life a little easier in the shop.
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Hiya scrapiron! This website http://www.metalwebnews.com/wc.html has pretty good shop set-up tips. They really might be too basic and fundamental for someone with your experience and know how, but my grand-daughter found the site and used some of the plans when she set up her shop.
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Portable Welder
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Hi Scrapiron, I lease a shop in an industrial complex for the last 14 years, but I finally decided I'm going to buy some property and build a new shop and a house, because of the twp they dont allow a building before the house but in my case there is a barn already there so I'm stuck fixing it up untill I have a house.
The barn is 24 x 40 and I'm aloud to make it 36' x 40', I will raise it to 16' tall at the bottom of the trusses so I can Have two 14' tall x 12' wide doors.
I am going to suspend a beam from the trusses for a crane runway and then install my bridge beam, I've seen pull chain trolleys to run the bridge up and down the run way manually. I know I can get a single phase hoist but Im not sure if I should go with a two ton cable or chain hoist any ideas which is better.
After my house is built and I save some more money I will build a 40'x80' pre engineered building, and in this case I will have the factory weld in my stub coiumns for the crane and reinforce the column so all I have to do is put my runway up.
I will have my doors on each end so you drive a semi in one way and out the other side.
As for the concrete I will go with a 6" floor with rerod and a 6bag mix for a 4000# psf. rating.
Another thing I plan on doing is to cement approx. 4 beams into the concrete and recess them one inch down with the concrete flush to the top of the beam, I will then get a 1" plate and bore holes in it so I can plug weld it down to the beams. I was thinking that I would go with a 8' wide x 20' long plate. what I like about this idea insted of pods is that pods are not always in the right spot but with a plate you weld your pulling aperatus to the plate if you need to do a horizontal pull you can.
As far as shop equipment I have pretty up to date stuff, for my welders I have a Miller xmt 304 inverter which does every process exept tig Aluminum, a miller 250 amp mig welder that they call the (vintage) model because it has some of the old arc characteristics of my old MM 200 mig welder, As for my Tig welder welder its a Miller 250 amp syncrowave however I would like to up to date it with a Miller Dynasty Dx I've tried this machine at the miller road show and was very impressed the arc focus was very good when trying ti tig weld aluminum the tungsten stayed sharper which improves stability. I have olot more but I'm sure I am boring People.
I'll have to tell you about my portable set up,
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Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you have a very well equipped barn. I'd never thought of the idea about having the plates in the floor instead of pods. Much more versatile. I've always used a chain type hoist mostly because thats what I had. Sometimes it's handy to be able to hook a short chain to the hoist chain to help balance or stabilize the load.
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Portable, if you can get to 60 wide on your building you wont regret it. Once you get started the expence to gain floor space goes down. I had a fire in my original (not related to welding or wiring) and when I rebuilt I thought of downsizing a little and actually ended up enlarging a little. I have 80x80 and if I could have afforded I would have went to a hundred long, not to gain floor space but for wall space, to put tools along the walls. I keep heated year around. The width gave me room for office and bathrooms and also really made room for the doors to work well. It also makes it nice to not have to green acres projects when I get busy. I have a lot of built in features too. Really paid attn to the utilities, air , electric, water etc. I figured where I wanted benches and fed ground rod to a steel imbed so I didnt need seperate cable for plasma and stick machines. Include a seperate condiut for electric also. It is always such a challenge to keep the cords to a minimum. We need place to post pics for this forum. If someone wants a few post an email in your cp and we can mail a few back and forth.
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