cleaning torches


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cleaning torches

New to the scene, I just dug up my grandfather old cutting torch. It's a victor 310c industrial handle with a victor 2450 cutting torch. I know that this is irrelevant for my question, just setting the age of the equipment. The regulators and the torch handle work fine. The cutting torch is dirty and needs to be cleaned, it's allowing oxy to flow past the oxy lever when the tip valve is closed. basicly it's like depressing the oxy lever all the time. I pulled the tip valve out and wiped it down with a clean rag being carful not to touch it. I know that oil and water are a no-no, so I didn't even touch the inside for fear of the oils from my hand. After I wiped it down (it was covered in a black sooty material) and reassambled it, it worked better but still allows some oxy by.
Ok, now that I have bored you... The question:

What cleaners are safe to use with a gas torch? I was thinking I would soak the body in MEK and then rince with acetone since it evaporate much faster then MEK. I know the valves have plastic seats but are there any plastic or rubber parts inside the torch body? Is there a better cleaner? I know I can have it sent off and professionally cleaned, but I am a DIY guy. So any suggestions?


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A can of brakeclean would probably work fine. The oils from your hands would be insignificant and by the time the gasses are at the torch they are so much lower pressure. The real danger is hi pressure oxygen, between the tank and the regulator. I dont see a problem working on your torch. I doubt if the old one has plastic in it. They do have orings though and they might be special ??? For gas. I think most welding shops have a selection. Just look carefully and undo nuts under valve stems and dont bind anything taking it apart. Its probably not a big deal to fix,, give it a shot. They will not sell regulator parts though. A good practice is to stand BESIDE regs when you open the tank valves, and open slowly.
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Thanks alot. I'll give it a go and let you all know.
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As far as cleaning a torch I may be a little on the criticle side sberry is right they wont sell you parts at the welding shop and I've went to welding shows and listen to the seminars that they have and they lead you to believe that if you work on it yourself theres a good chance you might do something wrong. for myself I would just a soon let them fix it, good luck and be carefull.
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You've propably already done so but since no one has mentioned it yet I'll say get yourself a good set of tip cleaners to keep with your torches.
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A little late to the discussion

Mind if I add my $0.02? I would err on the side of caution, here, if there is any question in your mind about how to do it. I worked at a welding supply (family owned) and my brother was a Victor trained and certified repairman, so I wound up learning a lot by osmosis. When a torch or regulator sits for a long time, and particularly when it is subjected to extremes of temperature (in the garage or attic), there are a number of o-rings, seals and gaskets that can dry rot and fail. The repair itself isn't that tough if you know what to look for, but if you miss something the result can be fire or explosion. If there's any question in your mind, a quick test and overhaul by a technician may be the best course.
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