mig lens #


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mig lens #

What is an ideal MIg lens #? Right now im using 10, the arc is orangeish, I tried going up to 11 and 12, the arc was white/green ish but harder to see the puddle. I have very sensitive (to light) eyes and they feel, warm not burning but warmish, a few hours after welding. Is #10 OK, 11 was really dark, but maybe safer?
welding in the 30- 100 amp range. Using 2x4 helmet.

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You should be fine with a 10.But you still kinda have to listen to what your eyes are telling you.When its to bright to me,i see spots when i raise my hood.This will result in a strained feeling if i keep going.I dought if you can flash burn your eyes while useing any lense.But it might be uncomfrontable and damageing in the long run.Im not sure.If i see spots i step up one number.

Lenses also come in different colors.Ive seen orange/or yellow, green,gray,and blue.Im not sure how many they make.But the color will change the number that is needed also.Some are better for seeing the puddle than others.

I have been cought off gaurd(cought looking unprotected,when an arc was started while being trained to weld.)and was flash burnt.It will feel like sand in your eyes (there little blisters)but when you rub your eyes they will start to burn.BADLY! And will be some hrs after the welding was done.It was around 6hrs after i had been burnt before i felt anything.
If you ever have this happen.The cure i found was to cut a potatoe in half and place it over your eyes so that the juice drips/runs into your eyes.It really works,and will stop the burning.
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The art of welding requires, among other things, concentration and good eye-to-hand coordination. You may be experiencing eye strain. Performing precise weaves and making passes for any length of time can be more tiring to the eyes than reading.
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