Chop saw blades


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Chop saw blades

I bought a 14" chop saw and a fiber metal cutting blade. I love it, beats a hack saw. The first time I used it it worked great, but slowly over time its gotten to the point that its almost impossible to cut anything. The blade still looks great. Is there a trick to these blades and keeping them cutting easily or sharp. I don't want to have to buy a new blade every 20 of so cuts. I am cutting small items, the largest was 3/4 inch steel rod and some 1.5 x 1.5 x .060 square tube.

Is there a way to sharpen these type of blades?

Any ideas? TIA
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Hello and Welcome mrrrl to the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

If you are referring to an abrasive metal cutting wheel as the blade, meaning a cutting disk and not a blade with teeth, to restore the cutting abilities, use a cleaning stone.

The cutting wheel has the tendencies to clog up the outer circumference cutting surface with metal debris. Using a cleaning stone or clean eraser material designed for the cleaning purpose, will restore the cutting ability to new again.

Using a dry type cutting lubricant on the wheel will also help to reduce the collection of debris picked up and held by the cutting wheel and help to cool the cutting surfaces.

All these types of products are sold in many local hardware stores that also sell the cutting wheels. Welding supply shops also stock a various assortment of all types of of cutting and cleaning supplies.

Regards and Good Luck.
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Good advice from Sharp Advice.

A couple of other things to consider are that if this is the original blade they are often a very poor quality and tend to plug up more often.
Also when purchasing replacement blades you will often have a choice of two thicknesses.
3/32" and 1/8" are usually readily available.
I find that the 3/32" blades cut faster and plug up less. One draw back to them though is that if you are cutting something larger and want a straight cut then the thinner blades tend to wander and some cuts are a bit off.
I will keep the two thicknesses of blade on hand and switch between them.
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Also use enough pressure when cutting to make it work, they are designed to wear off and expose new blade. When the pressure is too light they glaze over,, just press harder.
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dull chop saw blades

Ive done thousandths of cut and cant ever remember getting what you call a dull blade and have never used anything to sharpen it. if its a chain saw style saw you want to use a 14 x 1/8 blade and if its a electric saw you want to use a 3/32 x 14" blade. how ever what does happen when cutting you need to find a happy medium between preasure and rpm, if the saw starts to slow down it will quite cutting.
Another thing that is key,if cutting flatbar make sure to stand it up, unlike a band saw you would want to lay it down.
and the last thing to do when you are cutting, ounce you start the cut do not let up, if you let up the hot steel tends to cool and harden and then restarting is very hard. I forgot to tell you why you want the thinner blade is because it doesnt slow your saw down like the thick blade. and one more thing make sure your saw is on a big enouph cord and not getting a power loss.
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