welding machine


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welding machine

Hey everybody..

I see a machine, it says "90 amp flux wire welder".. it's $120.

Here's a link.. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/cta...?CategoryID=10

What could I do with this?
What materials can it weld and how thick?

I'd like to build a small yard trailer, and some other welding projects (such as a tailgate for my regular trailer) and the like.

Also, what's best for cutting? oxy/acet torch?
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I have no experience with that machine, but you should be able to weld up to 1/8in with it. But some welders of that type are not up to it, you could be limited to 1/16in. But I have no way of knowing how effective it is. I would consider it range up to about 1/16in or 1/8in in a single pass. I would get a small torch to start cutting with it is very mobile if you get the right one, and there are quite a few other tings you could do with it other than cut metal.
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Wow, 1/8" is hardly enough to build anything with and expect it to stay together.

What would I need to weld (and cut) 1/4"-3/8" material together in various joint configurations?
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Check out this recent thread on the same question.

The general concensus around here is the best way to learn how to weld is with a stick machine that has a reasonable duty cycle.
A 225 amp ac machine would be adequate and an ac/dc machine while a bit more money would be the best.

Check out the link and come on back with more questions.
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I think those machines are a waste of money and have trouble melting warm butter. Welding is not a real cheap thing to get in to but the potential savings and salvage and capabilities it adds to construction and repair are endless. Tractor Supply stores are running specials on the Hobart HH175 which is a small feeder and is a good deal and heavy enough to be useful and can do steel up to 1/4. My pick for stick machines is the Hobart StickmateXL235/160 AC/DC Like Greg says AC machines work fine too but the AC/DC runs all the rods and is way better for out of position. The feeder will be much easier to use on light materials. If I was serious and wanted to do some fabrication and repairs, such as a farm or wanted to work on trailers I would have that stick machine and would step up a class in the feeder and go to the Miller MM210. This machine runs 035 solid wire very well and is quality. For torches choice would be Victor Ranger set for anything less than proffessional use. Q series oxygen bottle. These are tools you can buy once. They last and there are some types of tools where cheap imports work fine but cutting and welding equipment isnt one of them.
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I own a welding shop and can tell you that Gregg H and SBerry gave you the best advise. If you buy the quality stuff and dont like it there will be a line of people waiting to buy it from you. if you buy the import stuff, I would'nt take it if you gave it to me.
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My suggestion is to buy as much machine as you can afford. I never welded in my life until recently but took the advice of some experienced friends and bought a quality machine (Lincoln PowerMIG 255). There is a certain comfort in knowing that if something isn't working right, it's probably me and my amateur bumblings -- not my equipment.
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