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Lightbulb mig welders

Ok call me a greenhorn when it comes to welding. I know I call all my new apprentices the same when it comes to wiring.

I would like to buy a mig welder for many different uses.
some welding of steel and stainless, but mostly Aluminum.

I found the best price on the CLARKE 180 gas/no gas 220v
Is this a respectable light/to mid duty machine.
or is a hobart 170 handler really that much better?

the Bear
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If you search this forum you will find a lot of discussion on mig welders.

You will find the consensus is to stick with the major brands, Miller, Hobart or Lincoln
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I have a Clarke 110 stick and wish i had bought a real name brand unit. You get what you pay for.........
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That little gassless feeder isnt going to run alum. To different alloys like that you should go to a tig machine. Likw a miller Econotig or Dynasty. I dont have prices but here is a place you could start the search. http://www.brwelder.com/indexTemplate.cfm
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mig welder

I have a Hobart 135, and I am very happy with it. I do quite a bit of aluminum welding and as long as I stick to the smaller diameter wires it does a great job. I would stay away from the cheap brands. If you want to weld aluminum and stainless, make sure that you get the gas package. I work with both MIG and TIG machines and I am much happier using the MIG while welding aluminum. Unless you are planning on building very small or very tight toleranced parts, use the MIG.


Clint Cooper
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You can weld aluminum with them but I figure you being an electrician it should be fairly easy to grasp how much better power the 175 will have over the 135 The 175 is one of the best values in this class of machine. Run 030 wire in it for steel with C25 gas.
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Thumbs up Welders

I agree that the power of the 175 is much better than the 135. The reason that I use the 135, is that I can plug it in anywere there is 110 v electricity. I have even built 2 heavy duty ext. cords that will allow me to reach out to about 100 ft. I am High School welding teacher and we use Miller 250 mig machines in the shop. The power of these machines is really outstanding. Your choice of machines is really all about what type of jobs you are trying to get done, and what type of power you have to connect to. you will run into a bunch of headaches if you buy a big machine and do not have enough power to run it. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!!!!

C. Cooper

P.S. Hobart machines are made by the Miller Electric Co. If you look at hobart and miller side by side, the only difference is the color.
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I would go with a machine that has 175 to 225 amps. they run on 220 v and usually dont draw too many amps, mine draws 30 amps. my house power easily handles the amp draw.
also i find a spool gun is best for aluminum welding because running alum wire thru long liners binds and your down for awhile fixing the mess.
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